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Thank you for a really interesting and useful session yesterday.

Judith Derbyshire

Director, Purely Probate

I’m happy to recommend Colin as someone who can clearly explain the world of social media for business and has the experience of using it in the real world to produce results.

Stephen Stokes

Founder, Bodden Cross Studio

Boost your online success in just 5 simple steps

If you’re frustrated by your web, email and social media marketing results, then this practical, half day workshop is for you.

I’ll show you a better way to reach your ideal prospects with a simple 5 step strategy you can start using yourself right away to attract more customers to your business for less time, money and effort – the same 5 step strategy I used to attract 95,000 people to my web site in one month, using a single blog post and no advertising spend.

In just a few hours, we’ll create a 5 step online marketing strategy tailored to your business and an action plan to get you up and running.

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Spread the word and build your following

In this engaging talk I reveal the exact process I used to attract 95,000 people to my website in 1 month – and add 1,600 new subscribers to my email list – using a single post and no advertising spend.

For anyone frustrated with the results they’re getting from the time, effort and cost of running their online marketing campaigns, this talk challenges established “mass market” channels and provides an actionable strategy for reaching their ideal prospects more effectively.

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Making Social Media work for you

In this insightful talk I demonstrate how popular social platforms – such as Facebook and LinkedIn – can provide a valuable source of readymade focus groups for the development of new products and services.

And I reveal how online conversations can be invoked and used to generate permission-based brand exposure while building relationships with prospective early adopters.

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The Hashtag

In this popular talk I answer 3 key questions on one of social media’s most idiosyncratic topics. The Hashtag: What is it? Where did it come from? And why should you care?

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Social Media and the Community

In this talk I present the importance of building and nurturing ‘communities’ through social channels and how community engagement in social media is changing the way we communicate with customers and how customers communicate with one another.

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Gamification is a powerful strategy for building communities with shared goals. In this insightful talk you’ll discover 4 key drivers of human behaviour and how to employ these in a social media context.

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