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As the UK’s leading visual pet identification and reunification service, Pet24 has successfully reunited thousands of lost cats and dogs with their owners since 2001. But with few customers choosing to renew their membership, the business was finding it difficult to grow and asked what I could do to help.

The Challenge
Talking with the business owner and understanding Pet24’s core strategy in detail, I was quickly able to identify both weaknesses and opportunities in the sales cycle.

By bundling their service through strategic parters, Pet24’s core strategy was successfully delivering a continuous flow of new business.

However, it was clear that almost all of my client’s customers would actually have had no experience of their brand or service until they received a renewal notification referring them to Pet24’s web site at the end of their first year’s membership.

The Problem

Dull and lifeless, the client’s site did little to inspire confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of value.

Moreover, it simply didn’t describe Pet24’s service and was confusing to navigate – leading customers to quickly abandon the renewal process.

To overcome these issues I provided a complete overhaul of Pet24’s home page design and navigation.

The Solution

Bright and vibrant, my new design provides greater visual impact and brand presence with clear value statements taking centre stage.

Shifting the dominant colour from red to blue not only provides a friendlier, fresher customer experience, but also allows the brand’s red to be used as an ‘accent colour’ directing the prospect’s attention as required toward Pet24’s conversion goals.

And to further support the buying decision, I introduced a simple counter showing the number of pets which the service had safely returned to their owners since 2001 – vital proof of both service value and popularity.

The Results

490% more renewal clicks

With customers now able to quickly understand the value of Pet24, identify the action they need to take, and more confident to take that step, my new design instantly resulted in 490% more clicks through to the renewals page delivering the sustainable, sharp increase in repeat business which Pet24 needed.

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