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Developing and delivering innovative training programmes, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement provided a centralized resource for indentifying improvement needs within the NHS – helping Strategic Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts to meet central government objectives. But with insufficient revenues to support their move to self-funding status I was asked to help give their online marketing an emergency health check.

Impactful, intuitive design

Content Management System

Full eCommerce solution

1000% targeted growth

The Challenge

The Institute was in a process of transition from a publicly funded body to self-funding status – requiring the organisation to adopt a more commercial approach to its communication strategies and processes.

However, while on-line communication was deemed to be critical to future success, the client’s existing web presense and email marketing campaigns were grossly ineffective and failed to drive any significant level of enquiries.

The Problem

The client’s existing web site lacked focus, failed to communicate the value of their offerings and was structured using an “internal” perspective and language – organising information principally by department and using unfamiliar teminology throughout the navigation as well as the content itself.

In addition many of the departments which were coming under the Institute’s umbrella had independently commissioned their own web sites – many of which were not branded to NHS standards – leading to an incoherance in messaging and no clear way for prospects to understand how different services could be combined to reach their improvement goals.

The Solution

Over a two year period I provided Digital Marketing Consultancy to the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement as part of a hand-picked team of change management specialists.

The client’s existing web sites were replaced with an entirely new, consolidated on-line service – designed and structured using an “external” customer perspective and backed by a powerful content management system allowing for content changes to be implemented quickly by relevant departments as required.

The Results

A usable, relevant web site

Having restructured the client’s site using the “external” perspective of their customers, prospects are now able to quickly identify content which is relevant to their personal aims and objectives and self-segment – moving quickly toward the client’s business goals without the clutter of irrelevant content getting in the way.

1000% more email click-thrus

Applying my unique 5 step strategy to the client’s email marketing, I delivered an increase in click-thrus from 4,500 to over 49,000 in just 1 month using the same email list.

Phones “ringing off the hook”

Together with my key improvements to the web site, this lead to the client’s phones “ringing off the hook” with enquiries.

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