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imageMailer is a combined bookmarklet and web app utility, which collects images from the web so you can easily email them to friends or colleagues straight from your iPhone/iPod Touch.

How to use it: When browsing ANY web site, simply open the imageMailer bookmarklet to automatically generate a thumbnail gallery of the images from the current page. Clicking on a thumbnail then generates an email with the image URL embedded and ready to send.

"I can't say enough about your product. Truly amazing."
Dave A - Thu, 24 Jan 2008

Plus, we've now added support for URLs of individual JPEG, GIF and PNG image files - ideal for gallery and photo sites which link to high-resolution images from low-resolution thumbnail pages - and a new Google auto-filter giving you the option to send hi-res originals instead of thumbnails automatically when extracting from Google's image search results.

Try our new Google filter here...

If you'd like to suggest more filters let us know.

When received, imageMailer emails automatically provide a link to view the image online, enabling other iPhone or iPod Touch users to take advantage of their built-in pinch, zoom and rotate features.

"What a great addition to the iPhone."
Dave A - Mon, 21 Jan 2008

What's more, you can now access imageMailer from your home screen with imageMailer Homescreen - a second, sister application which prompts you to enter a URL for image extraction when launched.

So if you know the address of the image you want to send - or the page it's displayed on - imageMailer Homescreen makes it even quicker to share images from the web with anyone in your contact list.


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